Jersey Bites!

Finally, one last post in our “catching up” series today!  I have plenty more to write about, but I’m going to let Peter Culos of Jersey Bites help with that.  He also provides a review of Departed Soles Goodbye.P.A.  – our Gluten Free IPA that won a nice little award…


Oh and by the way

Our Gluten Free IPA was a big winner a couple of months ago! We took home 1st place in the Specialty Category and 3rd Place Best in Show at the New York City Homebrewers Guild Homebrew Alley! Lots of cool prizes, but this was just an amazing even that put a lot of wind behind our sails and is really going to help establish credibility for Gluten Free Craft beer!

Departed Soles Ballcap Logo

And of course, let’s not forget the trimmed down version of it!

Departed Soles Brewery Logo!

It has been a long an arduous process, but we’ve finally settled on a real, professional logo to use for the brewery going forward.

There is so much thought that went in to the naming of the brewery and what we are all about and we wanted to logo to convey that. Ditching the old design was hard to do, but necessary.

The Craft Beer community is important to us, as is New Jersey – our home base (town yet to be decided)! We wanted a “New Jersey” skyline in the logo (what? we have a skyline? SURE WE DO!) and we worked hard to get something that conveyed everything great about the state… nature, the cityscapes, the Statue of Liberty, the shore, the music history (Asbury Park Convention Hall), and the boardwalk! We thought it was important to put the Jet Starr Roller coaster in there as well, as a sign of where New Jersey has been, where it is going, and our unity & strength in the face of adversity. Finally, there’s some hidden imagery in there that I just think is fun!

Special thanks to Adam Cairns and Kevin Kulbacki for their work on this, as well as all the people who gave me feedback throughout the process!