Misconception Battles: Just a thought…

In my endeavors to find a property for the brewery, I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people.  Many of you who are reading this probably found out about me through them, if I had to guess, so I am indebted to each and everyone that has helped me out along the way.

The craft beer industry is unlike any other.  It is not cut throat, and in fact, quite the opposite.  Breweries are willing to share the equipment and even employees from time to time, as well as their ingredients and recipes if you ask them nicely enough.  I have worked in various fields throughout my 27 (eek) years and none of them were as much fun and friendly as this one.

That being said, as you can tell from many of my tweets or facebook posts, not everyone is that nice or understanding.  There are SO MANY misconceptions about what a modern craft brewery is, and that presents such a huge uphill battle for those of us in the “planning” stage. 

Recently, I took a vow to stop posting regular updates to any of the social media sites because a few media-types pointed out to me that occasionally the streams got a little depressing or angry, and I think I’ve done a much better job with it as of late!  Oh, and my current boss yelled at me for working on the brewery while he is paying me…

(note: this is a scheduled post, not being typed or manually published during the work day, Dad)

Trust me, I am working harder than ever on the brewery, and hope to have some good news within the next couple of weeks, but am keeping my progress or status on the DL until then.

So where am I going with all of this, you ask?  I thought I would start publishing a series of my responses to some misconceptions or battles that I’ve had to fight along the way either with realtors, property owners, towns, etc. so that if someone finds this blog down the road, they can be better prepared.  This particular thought may not help you, but I said it off the cuff and later reflected on it only to think to myself, “Wow, I really like that. I’m going to put it on a poster in the brewery one day.”

A realtor recently told me, “You need to be prepared to counter the argument that by bringing a brewery into the community, you’re going to increase fatalities from alcohol abuse and drunk driving.”

Obviously, this is a hard statement to counter because anyone that has their mind set on this belief is going to be like Bobby’s mother in Water Boy, convinced  that breweries are the Devil.  It got me thinking, none the less, and eventually I concluded:

“In life, there are a lot of things we enjoy that are “bad” for us…steak, fast cars, gambling…but none of those lead to the creation of as many lives as beer!”

Of course, this probably isn’t a very PC answer and wouldn’t go over very well with a lot of people… but it made me laugh to my self…



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